Sunday, January 08, 2006

AMD Creates a New Technical Committee on Integrated Structures

The Executive Committee of the Applied Mechanics Division has recently created a Technical Committee on Integrated Structures.

The Field
Devices in advanced technologies often have complex architectures, hybrid materials, and small features. Examples include integrated circuits and thermal barrier coatings. The mechanical behavior of such integrated structures often affects their fabrication and durability. By the very nature of integrated structures, the field is cross-disciplinary, involving many materials (metals, ceramics, polymers, semiconductors, etc.), and many modes of response (fracture, deformation, instability, and mass transport). The field is extremely active, both in terms of industrial applications and academic research.

The People
Many people with advanced degrees in applied mechanics and mechanical behavior of materials are now finding jobs in the microelectronic industry and biomedical device industry. Many of them have yet found a home society. While they interact with researchers in technical societies traditionally identified with these industries, they also interact with researchers in applied mechanics. The new Technical Committee will create a home for this group of people, and a link between applied mechanics and new, exciting applications. It will also possibly provide a way for the AMD to interact with some of the Industrial Tracks.

The Organization of the Technical Committee
To forge the link between academia and industries, the committee will have co-chairs. The initial co-chairs are
• Dr. Jun He (, of Intel Corporation. He has worked over ten years in the industry, and is an innovative researcher in the field of thermomechanical reliability. He has a strong track-record of interacting with people in universities.
• Dr. Rui Huang (, of the University of Texas, Austin. He is an energetic assistant professor in applied mechanics. He has been interacting with people in industries and government labs.


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